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For the past few weeks, my life was mostly on hold. No, I wasn’t working nonstop on the campaign, although I made a few calls and knocked on a few doors. No, I wasn’t ill or incapacitated. I was waiting for Tuesday, for the decision that became clear at about 9 pm PST. (more…)

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This weekend, at the urging of many Obama campaign emails, I attended a Get Out The Vote training. As I walked into the nondescript, poorly-lit building in Seattle, I followed hand-painted signs to a large room where they had set up maybe 75 chairs. I was early, so I stopped into the bathroom (one light out, and a sign informing me not to use one of the sinks) and got back to the big room in time to grab an incredibly uncomfortable wooden folding chair. A nice woman a few seats over passed around “Doonesbury” from the Sunday comics section, and I remarked to the woman next to me that it was heartening to see the room filling with people.

It didn’t stop filling with people. Half an hour later, all visible floor space was full of people, while the walls were lined with others standing awkwardly. An older woman having a hot flash inquired about opening the only outside door anyone could see, but the staff said it was locked. The temperature rose, people started to fan themselves with their pamphlets, and the PowerPoint started. Two extraordinarily young, energetic, probably really smart and engaged people began talking through their presentation. (more…)

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